Sex Offenses

The Law Office of Jennifer Lynn Thompson provides aggressive and professional representation to people accused of all types of offenses, including sex crimes.  Many lawyers refuse to take such cases.  If you find yourself facing allegations for a sexual offense, do not face them alone.  We represent regular men and women facing charges or investigations.  Most of our clients have never been through the criminal justice system before.

Being accused of any crime can be devastating.  Having allegations brought against you for a sexual offense such as rape of a child or sexual battery can shake you to your very core.  Often times with such an accusation, good friends, work colleagues and family may begin to distance themselves from you.  Even when people say that they believe in your innocence, they may still show some signs of losing trust and faith in you.

How Attorney Jennifer L. Thompson Can Help

The embarrassment and shame of the situation can leave some people broken and defeated, unable to talk to their closest family and friends.  We handle these situations every day.  Our office and staff do not judge our clients. We work to listen to the facts, give sound advice, and help people begin to rebuild their lives.  We represent our clients as we find them; many are innocent but sometimes, they have done something wrong and need help in repairing the damage.

The Stakes are High

Most sexual offenses carry long prison sentences with lifetime sex offender registry and tracking requirements.  There is also a push to have offenders locked up indefinitely under civil commitment laws after the original sentence is served.  We aggressively work to defend each case to the best of our abilities.  While we do not guarantee any outcome in a case, what we can guarantee, is that we will work to get each person the best possible result we can.

In 1998, Jennifer Thompson opened her solo practice.  Since that time, she has handled hundreds of legal cases.  Now, a well-established attorney with a national reputation, Ms. Thompson continues to fight for the rights of citizens.  She defends all that come to her, the innocent and the guilty, the serious matter or the trivial infraction.  No case is too small or too large, for everyone is entitled to a zealous defense when standing before a court of law.

If you’ve been charged with a child sex crime, turn to attorney Jennifer L. Thompson for the best legal advice, defense and outcome.